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Zones, when to Create and when to Add Existing

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  • Zones, when to Create and when to Add Existing

    Zones represent different stand alone instances of hadoop, or think of it as individual clusters. When doing WAN implementations of Fusion, each data center represents its own Zone. When doing LAN installations each cluster (eg; each hortonworks, cloudera, pivotal, mapr, ect) separate instance represents its own zone.

    The only time someone would use the Add Existing option is if you are setting up Fusion in HA mode. This means adding 2 or 3 Fusion nodes to the same cluster instance. So if you wanted 3 Fusion servers running on your HDP 2.2 cluster at a single data center location, the 2nd and 3rd Fusion installations would be added to the existing zone (the first instance would create the zone).

    So long story short, always create a new zone unless setting up HA servers for fusion. For trials I suspect just about everyone will want to use create new zone for every installation.